Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Karley Turned 3

Yesterday was Karley's 3rd bday. She celebrated by going to preschool for the first time. She loves it. She and her cousin Mat started yesterday and are having a great time. Only Karley would want to go to school and have homework as her birthday presents.

Caden's Field Trip To See The Ducks

A few weeks ago I chaperoned a field trip to watch the ducks at practice. We were on the groud floor right by the players. The kids learned about science and hockey all at the same time. The field trip was a lot of fun.
The Ducks

Karley Latest Injury

Karley got out of dead one night and snuck into her brothers' room. They were both in the bathroom brushing their teeth getting ready for bed when we all heard a hudge thump. I ran into Karley's room thinking she had fallen out of her bed (since she was supposed to be asleep.) Jacob went into his room and found her on the floor by his bed. Appently she had desided to jump on his bed and had fallen off. Blood was now splurging everywhere. I put pressure on the only cut I could find, a little cut in her top lip (thinking that this was a lot of blood for such a small cut I contunued to look for another source of the bleeding but couldn't find one. She fell asleep in my arms before the bleeding stopped. So I waited until the bleeding stopped and put her in bed. It wasn't until the next morning that I noticed this nasty bloody tissue mess hanging from her mouth. I lifted up her upper lip and discovered what she had really done the last night was rip her upper lip from her face. You can see just a little of the tissue hanging onto her teeth.
You can see where her lip came loose from her face. What you can't see is that there is a big hole up near her nose. We took her to the doctor who thinks it will heal just fine (we have to go back tomorrow) to make sure that she doen't need to get any of the tissue clipped.

Trip to San Diego

A few weeks ago we took a little trip down to San Diego. We stayed in Solano Beach at a fun little resort about a mile from the beach. We had a great time visting the San Diego mission in Presidio Park, Old Town San Diego, and the Mormon Battlon Museum. (Yes I forgot to take my camera that day so sorry no pictures.) I was very impressed with the Mormon Battlon Museum. It had been several years sense we had been. It has resently been remodeled and was very very interesting. It even caught the interest of all three of our kids. If you haven't been lately I suggest checking it out. The next day we visted the San Diego embarcadero and had a great time looking at the WWII monuments. We say a seal and a ray in the water as well. Then we had a few hours to spend at Solano Beach. We also had time to use the go kart certificates that uncle Randy and aunt Staci gave us for Chritsmas.
WWII Monuments Caden and Jacob next to the statues.
This retired aircraft carrier called the USS Midway is a now a museum. It is so huge that it took three pictures to get the whole aircratf carrier in it.
Karley looking at the statue of the "Mommy and Daddy kissing"
Caden speeding around the track.
Caden before the race began
I had to put this picture in. While we were waiting for our turn to race we checked out the place. After the kid races they get to come over to this platform were they tell them the top three racers. So of course I made the kids jump up their to take their picture and Karley wanted to be at the top. My little Tomboy with babies in hand who wants to do everything her boys are doing. Jacob and Caden discussing racing stratagies (just kidding) There are no pictures of the rest of us racing. Caden had to go with the kid races and Karley wasn't old enough. Jacob on the other hand was too tall for kid races and had to go on the adult track. I was more worried about it then he was. We were racing with a group of people who were serious about their race (one guy in racing grear.) Jacob got knocked around a few times he even had to strear his way out of a fishtail but amazingly he got out safe with out hitting anything or anyone. For a first timer and for being a kid he did great. I was seriously impressed.
Crazy California kids who go to the beach in the dead of winter wearing a bathing suit and actually go in the water.