Friday, December 21, 2007


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Colby's "nose job" went well. He way very tires having worked the night before and getting off at 6am the morning of surgery. So he slept thru most of the prep time stuff. His nurse was teasing about how he must not be to worried about this surgery if he just keeps falling back to sleep whenever she left the room. After he came out of surgery he was VERY tires and quite out of it. So he slept most of his stay in the hospital. He did however give his nurse a scare when he stopped breathing long enough to set off his alarms. He of course released his snore and started breathing again, like he always does. He is doing well, but the pain meds make him feel a little dizzy. Other then that he really doesn't complain of much pain. He was feeling good enough today too go to his company Christmas Party. He is enjoying the rest and freetime.
These were at daddy'work party today.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Carzy life

Karley had a doctors apointment today for her nine month check up. Man it is hard to believe it has been nine months! She is going to be a tall girl. she measures in the 90% for her heigth and only 30% for her weight. Karley has her first two teeth. She got those just in time to eat the turkey for Thanksgiving. She is quite moble she crawls, pulls her self up to things and can stand alone for a second or two before she falls over.We waves to just about everything. She loves music and playing with her brothers and their toys. Her latest craze is to do "fishy lips." She is so much fun!
Caden has been going thru a growth spirt lately. He is almost as tall as his brother.This makes for easy clothing sharing. He likes school and loves soccer. He is such a natural athlete. He is the fun loving teaser of our family. He is really enjoying second grade. Caden loves when I help in his classroom. I was telling his teacher it is going to be hard for me to get over it when he finally decides that having mom come to school and always being around isn't cool. For now I soak up the fact that he wants his mom around all the time.
Jake has his 9th Birthday tommarrow. Nine more and we'll be getting him ready for a mission. Where does the time go? Jacob is such a great big brother to his two younger siblings. He is very patient and is getting to be a good babysitter. He loves his video games, soccer and cubscouts. He enjoys school especially recess when he plays with his friends. About a month ago Jake gave his dad a good practice in life saving skills. He was at grandma Weaver's house eating dinner with several of his cousins. someone made a joke and Jake went to laugh and swallow all at the same time and yes, he choked on his meat. Colby noticed and got the food out of his throat.
BYU Football Game Colby has been working hard this year going to school and working full time. He is planning to change occupations in January. After ten years of law enforcement he is going to go into the oil industry. I know a hudge change isn't it.We are all looking forward to dad only having one job again. So far he has enjoyed the intership he has had at a ConocoPhilips oil refinary. Last week Colby went to the doctors for and ongoing breathing problem he has had since he was a child. Long story short he will be having surgery next week-the 19th. Pray that all goes well.
I spend my time driving the boys to practices, doing second and third grade homework and projects, feeding a baby, maintaining the house, working in the classrooms,being a cub scout den leader, making music aides for primary singing time you know the usual. I am not currenlt working but hopfuly now that Colby is done with school I will be able to work a little just so I don;t forget how to do ultrasounds. I have enjoyed the ultrasound machine that has been at my house for the last nine month. I have scanned two sister in laws and a friend to see the sex of their babies.
Merry Christmas! We hope you have a wonderful Holiday season. We love you all. The Weaver Family

Saturday, November 24, 2007


We hope you all had a great Turkey Day! We enjoyed the holiday at the Fox's. We had the taditional day on Thursday and then Friday after the early morning shopping we went to Irvine Park. The boys had fun climbing trees and sword fighting with the fallen branches (you know, boy stuff.) Then we went to a zoo and saw several cool animals. I was a great adventure. Karley enjoyed the park and the zoo.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trunk-or-Treat Party

Halloween was so much fun for the boys. Caden had a costume parade at school. Jacob refused to wear his costume to school. He said the padding that made him look buff would only make the girls like him. After school Jacob decided he no longer wanted to be the buff ninja. Instead he wanted to be Anakin Skiwalker. So we found a few things and made a new costume. It ended up winning 1st place in the ward costume contest. Caden won the cake walk so in addition to the bag full of candy he came home with a 1/2 dozen cupcakes too. The boys really enjoyed trunk-or-treating with their cousins Tyler and Tatumn.That was when they could get the two of them to stop passing out candy long enough to go get it themselves. Karley was not feeling well so we called it a night after the trunk-or-treat and sent her to bed.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween

This was as close as I got to a picture of all the kids This weekend the kids got together with their Fox cousins. They had a great time at Grandpa's trunk-or-treat party. The boys loved playing carnival games and BINGO with the missionaries. They enjoyed the "scary hunted house. But you guessed it their favorite party of the night was the three laps around the church collecting candy. Thanks Grandpa Fox for a great party.