Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Project

I know I am supposed to be finishing up the post about our DC trip back in July and I will as soon as the primary program and the school fund raiser I am in charge of that both happen to be within days of each other are over. In the mean time I thought I would post this picture that uncle Paul taught Jacob how to do. It is a project Jacob had to turn in for school. The theme was "together we can..." and the kids could do just about any sort of "art" for the project. Jacob thought photorgaphy would be the easiest. So he took pictures of his uncles and combined them to make this. Here is the "artist statement" he wrote to explain how his project relates to the theme.
So many people don't have someone to call a hero, A hero shows an example of courage, determination, and moral character. I am lucky enough to have four heros. My Uncle Paul is a cop, who keeps our cities and streets safe. He puts himself in harms way to keep others out of danger. My Uncle Nathan is a Fire-fighter and has helped to save many lives with his medical knowledge. He even takes the time to visit my Scout Troop and teaches kids like me what to do in an emergency situation. My Uncles Trent and Travis have taught me about service. When I asked them why they wanted to join the Army I thought they would say something about excitement or danger. My uncles didn't join the Army for thrills or for power. They wanted to protect people like me. They wanted to protect our nation so that I could grow up with all the freedoms they have enjoyed. My uncles have shown me that there are somethings worth fighting for. They have taught me to honor the rules and to keep myself physically and mentally strong. All of my uncles have taught me that when everyone serves a little the outcome can be great. No one can do it all, but "together we can" each do a small part to keep America safe and free.