Thursday, May 21, 2009


Last week we had a police officer come and talk with the boys about safety but the time I remembered to pull out ny camera half of the boys had gone home and the car ride around the parking lot was over. Oh, well.
This is how Karley keeps were self busy during scouts. She plays with all the babies that come.
A few weeks ago was the rain gutter races. Caden decided to race Jacob's boat for him (since Jacob had a baseball game that night that only nine player were at so he couldn't leave.) I brought Jakes boat in thrid place. Way to go kid!!!
Ya, it took more then just a lot of hot air to get the boat to float just right. You can see Caden's boat start to tip here because he isn't blowing just right.
Scouts is almost over and while I am so excited to have the summer off I can't believe the year went by so fast.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy little thing called life!!!

Just after spring break our family went out to Indio CA (Palm Springs area.) We went to the Stagecoach festival. The stagecoach festival is a weekend long multi singer concert. Colby got some tickets from a friend so we took the family and had a great time. We combined our wanting to go camping trip along with it. I will admit I was a littl hesatant at first about combining the two activities. We found a great camp ground with a lake and pool and it made the trip wonderful. Karley, Caden, Mom and Jake headed to the lake.
Waiting for Brad Paisley's concert to start
The gang chillin at the festival.
Hanging out in the tent. We had so much fun playing games and wrestling.
Yes, even at a loud, crouded concert a two year old needs her afternoon nap. I took Karley on a walk to find a less crouded and shady stage so that Karley could take a nap they just happened to have bails of hay to lay her on when she fell asleep.
Jacob, Karley and Caden rockn out to Reba MacIntyre. This happened to be one of the highlights of the concert for my boys. Believe it or not my boys love her.
The lake was great until Jacob and Caden noticed that there were several bees that were in the water almost dead. They decided to start a rescue mission and just as I took this picture Jacob got the first bee sting followed by Caden's bee sting only moments later. (I told them it would happen.) This was the low point of the trip. Besides this the trip was sooooo much fun!
More hangin out listening to country music.
I have to sat my kids are so lucky I was about 17 or 18 before I went to my first concert. These guys got a whole weekend of fun and soooo many artist I can't even remember who was all there.
I just thought this was so cute I had to put it in.
This had nothing to do with the festival but I thought it was a cute cousin picture so here it is.
I love that in this picture I have nephews from both sides of our family and they are having a great time together. Caden, Brock(Colby's brother's son) Drew (my brother's son)

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Rest of Spring Break

Beach day with Cousins L TO R Devin, Dallin the whole gang at the beach
Swimming at grandma's pool
Grandpa took the kids to the bishop's store house to teach them about what happens there. (Everyone gathered in the freezer)
Jacob and Caden gathering eggs at the egg hunt.
The priest/Laurels in our stake went to General Conference
and I got to go with them. They were such good kids during
the trip.
No, I would never tell the girls to go stand by the guy giving out free hugs so that I could take there picture.