Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter break

I thought that over the month long winter break my kids have from school, I would do a lot more blogging but obviously that hasn't happened so far so once again you get a super post updater. The last day of school was twin day and the "Dare to Dance " assebly at the boys school. This made for a party from morning until school got out at 12:30. There was class parties, assebles and a teacher's Birthday party. What a day. Caden doing the limbo
The upper graders at Landell "dancing the day away"
Jacob's class picnic. Poor kid had to have his own special pizza brought from home (do to all his allergies.)
Creche at Grandma Fox's Stake Center. Every year my parent's stake does a huge creche. They have nativity sets from all over the world and made from everything from rice to legs. They even have a children's creche were the kids can dress up and act out the Christmas story. Karley loved being Mary and playing with the baby Jesus. Jacob and Caden weren't so excited. They have been to this activity a few times and spent most of their time taunting Karley as she played hence the next photo.
Karely also enjoyed wearing the sparkling angle outfit.
Sunday Dec 6 was cousin Nash Wyatt Weaver's baby blessing. (Colby's brother Tyson) We had a great time visting with all the family that attended.
Tyson, Nash, Tyler, Tatunm, Ava and Jessica
Over the break uncle Paul got Caden's friend into Knott's Berry Farm during Police and Fire Appreciation. The boys had a great time with Uncle Paul on the fast rides while I took Karley and Mat to Camp Snoopy. Lt-Rt Karley, Jacob, Caden, Brian and Daniel.
Karley loves Snoopy and has to take a picute with him about once a month.
Karley and Mat
Two crazy kids on the rides.
The next weekend we ended up at Grandma Fox's house on the night of their ward party so the kids got to play with cousins at the party.
Drew,Karley, Jacob Mat and Caden
Karley and santa at our wards pancake breakfast with Santa. The boys were not interested in going "since Jacob can't eat pancakes anyway." Why are my boys growing up and not finding the little things about Christmas so exciting. Karley and Drew with santa at Grandpa party.
On Christmas Eve we went with Colby's brothers and kids to play in the snow.
Colby and Karley racing down the hill.
Uncle Travis taking off.
Siena (my sister's daughter came with us) When we left the snow we headed to my parents house for our Christmas celebration. During dinner Matt, Karley and Siena snuck off and found Aunt Staci's makeup. What a mess they made.
Mat with mascara on his face and lip balm on his forehead.
Karely had a little mascara on her face and clothing but a whole lot of lotion in her hair and Siena had a great time with the mascara.
Caden, Colby Jacob, Paul, Johanna, Mat just before we opened presents.
This is the last of the pictures that I have of the night because it wasn't long before Santa brought us the flu. Karley started at my parents house and by the middle of the night I had joined the throw up festivities. Caden started in around lunch time Christmas day and had a repeat today. Why wont it just go away!!!!! So no christmas pictures this year.
Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope your day was better then ours.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wheat, wedding, soy, sealing, nuts, Knotts, dairy, eggs, soccer, and the school reading program!

Thes are the things that Hve kept me from blogging lately. Karley cut her left thumb a weekago Wednesday causing a trip to the ER and 5 stitches.
Karley's thumb. She wasn't seen in the ER til after 11:30 pm so by the time they actually put stitches in her she had already fallen asleep. It was until we had to change the dressin a day and a half later that she saw the stitches for the first time and freeked out.
Caden had a halloween party at schoolon Friday. That night we went to my sister and brother-n-laws cool party. That was also when we found out that Jacob is allergic to...... Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Nuts, Milk and Fish. Way to ruin Halloween turns out almost everything has one of those things in it. So for Halloween we didn't trick-or-treat long we rented a scary movie and ate popcorn instead (one of the only treats he isn't allergic to)
The boys on the log ride at Knott"s. Colby's sister Shonna got marries a few weekends ago in the LA Temple. My pictures aren't the best but it was a beautiful day and Shonna made a beautiful Bride. Karley kept calling her the princess.
Colby's family Lt-Rt back to Front: Trent, Bond, Colby, Travis (the row of look alike boys)
Taressa, Tyson, Nancy, Shonna, Kurt and Lyndsay.
Alex, Tyler and Shonna's new neice waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the temple. Shonna and her dad.
Carson, Austin, Brock and Caden Ava loved the flowers
Karley's new cousin Carson Nancy, Karley and grandma Cutin (Nancy's mom)
Dallin (my nephew) Caden and Jacob rocking on the dance floor.
Karley loved dancing especially with her dad.
Tatumn and Tyson dancing the night away.
The day before Shonna's wedding. Grandma Curtin (Colby's Grandma ) went through the temple for the first time. It was so wonderful to start the weekend family get together with this powerful amazing day. I will for ever remember this day and the feelings I felt. Frances started out being sealed to her parents. Then she was sealed to her late husband Howard Curtin. Last but certiainly not least she and Howard had three children sealed to them. The room was full of grandkids who had come to witness their parents be sealed to Grandma. I can't discribe to you the bond that flooded the room. I know that temple work is real. That it binds families together with a bond that death can not break. I was able to literaly feel that binding power and am so greatful for that special spirirtual experience.
Doesn't she make a beautiful "bride" walking out of the temple for the first time.
Nancy's brother and sister and their families at the Newport Beach Temple for this wonderful day.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Karley's Hernia Repair.

Yesterday Karley had here Epigastric hernia repaired. I wasn't nervious about it until the night before at about midnight. Then I couldn't sleep. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. Karley was so calm. Probaly because she had no idea what surgery is. The nurses were great with her. Just before she left the preop area they gave her drugs that were to calm her down and help her fall asleep even before she was actually put out. Trouble was it had the opposite effect on her. She got really silly jumping around the crib they had her in. She tossed her stuffed animals out of bed and was incredibly outgoing with every doctor or nurse that walked by. She never got sleepy so the doctor just picked her up and told her to wave good bye to mom which she did. They then walked into surgery. This is Teddy Bear that her Grandpa Weaver gave her that served as a flying saucer just before surgery.
This is how Karley looked after surgery for the next hour and 20 min. She was breathing well so the nurse was not to alarmed but it took quite a while for Karley to wake up. I guess the meds from before surgery had finally kicked in. Just Kidding. We had to stay at the hospital until she would wake up enough to drink and that took another 3 hours. While Karley was still asleep I took a picture of her tommy. She didn't even discover the bandages until later that day when she had to go potty, but never complained about the pain. By the next morning she was running around again so I took her to her brother's soccer games and she ran around the schools and played on the playground like there was nothing wrong with her.
What was I worried about the night before surgery. The whole prcedure never even phased her. I am just glad it is all over with and that it wasn't a big enough deal that it scared her for life. I think she actually liked the idea of surgery. To her it ment sleep, lots of toys and visits from family.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday's Soccer Games and the power of a GOOD coach

Last Saturday Jacob and Caden both had soccer games. I wasn't able to watch much of Caden's becasue I had a bridal shower to go to. I was able to see Jacob's game. These pictures are not mine. I brought my camera but got so excited about the game that I forget to use it. Jacob came home from practice on Thurday and told me that he was going to be the goalie at the first game on Saturday. Jacob has always been a good defender but had never played goalie. Infact the last season his coach made everyone practice the position at the beginning of the season. This coach was not my favorite of all the coaches we have ever worked with and when he told Jacob he "sucked at goalie" Jacob came home and cried. Jacob is a good little soccer player and to be told he sucked at the sport he loves really hurt. Needless to say, I was really nervious and didn't want Jacob to play the position this week. Yet Jacob really wanted to try it. The other team had several very tall very good players and I thought for sure this was not going to end well. All the parents on our team thought we were going to get stommped.
Jacob stopped this attempt at goal and out came the monster we cal Jacob.
And this one...
AND this one! The final score was 3-2 in our favor. Jacob stopped shot after shot after shot. Once he even caught a shot right at the goal post and hit his head on the pole on the way back down. He stood there dazes for a second, but managed to keep controll of the ball and stay in the game.
Jacob was beaming by the end of the game. I can't tell you how proud I was of him. Not just because he was doing a great job but because he had turned what was such a bad experience the season before into a huge success. I blame his great coach this season for seeing the potential he had and the drive to be great at any postion on the field for the awsome win.
One of the best moments of the game was when last seasons coach sat down next to me to take notes on our team (ya he's the only coach I now with boys this young who studies the other team as much or more then trying to study the strainghts on his own team.) While taking notes he turned to me and asked me who our teams goalie was. When Colby popped in and sayed Jacob the look on his face was PRICELESS. Another great moment came on Monday evening after the game. Caden happened to have practice on a field just before the team we had played on Saturday. As the team gathered and were waiting for Caden's teams practice to be over the conversation they had way great. They were so mad that our coach had kept Jacob as goalie the whole game. They new had anyone else been there goalie they would have won by 6 or 7 points easily. Truth is they probably were right.