Friday, May 30, 2008

Karley and Sienna

I thought I would put these pictures up. Karley and her cousin Sienna got there one year old pictures taken together. They had so much fun eating the cake and making a big mess.

What We Have Been Doing

Colby finally finished that big project at work and is back to a normal schedule. We are so excited to have our dad back. While he has been hard at work Paul (Wendy's brother) has been hard at work on our house. He remodled our upstairs bathroom about a month ago. Now he is doing the downstairs. We haven't had our computer hooked up for about a week now so I haven't been able to keep this blog updated. Colby finished the work project on Sunday and dislocated his pinky fingure on Tuesday. No rest for the wicked. JKPaul's tile job. Thanks Paul
One hot Sautrday, while Paul was working on the house the boys and Karly decided to play in the sprinklers. Believe it or not there are four little boys sitting in this tarp. They tried to make a water fort. When it wouldn't stay they gave up and wrapped themselves in it. Mat, neighbor kid Christian, Karley, Andrew, and Caden running away.
Mat not sure about the water.
Karley loved playing outside and eating frozen yogurt but she was not big on the idea of getting sprayed with the hose or the water ball.
Mat, christian, Andrew, Caden and Jacob all playing with the water ball

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trent and Travis are gone

I know for those of you who view the extended weaver Family blog this photo is already posted but I wanted to share it with everyone and let people know how honored we are that Colby's brothers Trent and Travis have choosen to serve our country. This photo was taken the day that Travis was sworn into the millitary.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was spent at the Fox's (Wendy's parents) Several sibblings , a Cousin, her family, and the missionaries were all there for the fun! Jacob, Caden and Andrew playing ball while Arie and Karley play other things
Arie, Andrew Karley and Mat
Cousins playing in grandma's wagon Siena, Karley and Mat all 1years old
Mat found Grandma's Chocolate Cake
Andrew is ready to eat with his big fork Grandma Fox and a missionary in the backround
This isn't from Mother's Day but I thought I would through it in there anyway. Last week Paul came over to do some remolding of my house. While he worked the kids played.
I thought this was a cute picture of our cubscouts having bike safty night in the church parking lot.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It been so long

Sorry that it has been so long sinse I have updated the blog. We are in the middle of madness. We miss our dad who has had to work 13 hour days for 8-9 straight days before having 1 day off before he goes back to do it all again. He leaves just after 4am and get home somewhere between 6:30 -7pm. His site is doing what they call a "turn around." That means they change out all the equipment. It only happens every 7 years and Colby happended to start working there just before the turn around. This crazyness will only last another two, maybe three weeks, and we are all glad it's coming to an end. Being the only parent around has been crazy, leaving no time for things like updating this blog. But I did however want to post Caden and Jacob's pinewood durby race pictures from a week ago and give an update on our family. Caden had to share something this week that started with the letter L so he came up with the idea of sharing his 'little sister." He told the class about his sister and then there was about a 20min question answer time about his sister. He showed the kids how he plays peek-a-boo with her and how he makes her dance around. I am so surprised that the navelty of a little sister has not worn off yet. Caden LOVES his sister.
Sinse dad has been soooo busy at work, I had to help make the pinewood durby cars. Yes, I had three brothers but never paid attention to how the cars get made. We were very impressed that Jacob came in 4th and Caden came in 5th place in our stake with our first experience since there cars losts wheels in the car on the ride overto the church.(That's another story.) It was nice that dad got home just in time to go to the race. The funniest part was how for dad it was a flashback to his pinewood dury days. Same building, same judge (at least the one on the left) same cubmaster at the starting line telling the boys how to put their cars on the line. See not everything changes.