Thursday, April 10, 2008

Karley's First B-day Party

I know this is a little late but better late then never. On March 22nd we celebrated Karley's 1st Birthday. Because we had been out of town for her Birthday and then daddy had to work the next weekend we had her party the day before Easter. It made for a great family get together with the cousins. It was so much fun to have an Easter/birthday party. Karley loved getting to eat the cake. She wasn't as messy as her brothers were with their first cakes but she sure got into it.
Before we had cake we had an Easter Egg Hunt. Karley collected those eggs and put them into her basket. She really loved this
Andrew (my brother Paul's son) counting his loot
Tatumn (Colby's brother's daughter) collecting eggs
Karley and Siena (my sister's daughter -only 30 days older) having a great time playing with the eggs
Before the egg hunt the kids decorated cookies Caden and Tyler (colby's brother's son) decided to decorate themselves.
Matt Paul's 2nd son eating more then decorating. Not only were there cookies to decorate but they also did some egg decorating CADEN & JACOB
Eveyone got in on the egg mess. if you look close at the kids you can see they all took off there shirts -so they wouldn't get dirty (talk about a close family -we all run around naked)
Before all the decorating we went outside and had an airplane throughing contest
This is as many of the kids as I could get to take a picture all together. Matt (on the wall behind) Jacob-Karley on his shoulders, Caden and Siena, Andrew-with the plane in the air and Tyler -looking at his plane. Not pictured Tatumn, Luke,Ava and Adelyn
It was a fun party and a beautiful day. Thank you to everyone who came and helped out with all the activities. This is what family is all about.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lost My Camera

Sorry I haven't update anything lately. We have done so much that I was hoping to get posted but I can't find my camera. We recarpeted our upstairs this week and in all the moving I can't seem to figure out what I did with my camera. It makes me sad. I didn't get many pictures of the moving and how crowded our downstairs was with everything packed into it. I am also sad that I didn't get pictures of one of my brother-n-laws face after he had my boys bunk beds fall on it. The cut on the eye made the black eye he already had from a church basketball game look even worse. ( Don't worry he's okay.) I also didn't get any pictures of the window that we had to replace after our matress went through it. (long story) Yes, moving all our stuff was quite a job this week. You can imagine why I didn't want anyone getting on a ladder in my garage to put some stuff up in the attic. After everything else that had already happened, I could just see someone falling off the ladder and breaking there back. On another note I just have to brag about Colby for a minute. On Tuesday he had to take a qualifying test for ConocoPhillips. Not only did he pass this oral exam, but the guy who gave Colby the test asked him who had taught him or what he had studied because he had never tested anyone who knew so much after only a few month of working there. Way To Go Colby!