Saturday, January 31, 2009

Little Scientist + Soda + Candy=FUN

This afternoon Jacob invited some friends over to help him do the experiment part of his science fair project. We tried to find rain ponchos for the boys to wear but after hitting three different stores and having no luck finding any we resorted to wearing trash bags. Yes they were greatly needed. Danny, Jacob, Nikketh, and Caden posing before the soda geyser's party.
First you get a bottle and the candies all loaded up in the tube. Then you slide all the candies as fast as you can down in the bottle and watch the geyser go.
This was one of our early soda launches and we hadden't perfected our geyser skills.
This doesn't look very exciting but since I got this shot at the end of the soda fountain you can't see how high it was. Take a look at the bottle on the table and notice that it isn't very full. That because all the soda erupted out.
This is one of our successful lanches. We had some that went even higher then this.
Over all the boys had a great time but were a very sticky mess when we were done.

Jacob's Recorder Performance

Last week Jacob had a Fourth Grade recorder concert. Do to California's budget problems this was the last music class the kids would be having at school. It was a great concert, but we are sad to know that it has come to an end.
Jacob was in the last row and when Karley finally spotted him from the audience they both broke out in large smiles. I thought it was cute.
More of the Fourth graders playing their recorders.

make up posting!!!

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything. We have had so much going on that I can't even mention it all. A few days ago Colby, Karley and I went to Huntington Beach to walk around. The water was full of little fish and I know you can't tell but to the right of the oil rig were there is a ripple in the water several dolphins were having a great feast. We watched them swim around for about a half hour.
I just thought I would put this on. This is Siena and Karley at Grandma Fox's house for their new years cousin party. The kids had a great time. Thanks mom and dad.