Monday, January 18, 2010

Freedom isn't Free

In six Short days we will be saying good-bye to Uncles Trent and Travis. They will both be headed on a 13month Tour of Duty in Iraque. Over the Christmas holiday we gathered as a family to take pictures of everyone together.
Trent and Travis Travis, John, Tyson, Chad, Kurt, Paul, Bond, Colby and Trent (All the boys!) This pictures is especially meaningful when you know why Trent and Travis wanted to serve their counrty and put themselves in harms way. The people in this picture are the reason they enlisted in the Army in the first place. This is who they are fighting to protect and who they want to make a better world for. Trent and Travis,
We are so grateful to you and to all that serve our country. We love you and will miss you so much while you are gone. You will always be in our hearts and in our prayers. We know that without people like you we would not have the freedoms we enjoy. We know that it is not for your ownself that you have chosen to serve but for the freedom and safety of your family and counrty. To that we owe you so much.
You have been such a hudge example for our family. You show love unconditionally, you serve with a willing heart and are determined to do your best at all you are asked to do. You truely live as the Savoir who have you do. What better examples of love and service could we have in our lives.
We will miss you being around to wrestle with the boys, take the kids to the park and play games with them, to go hiking; camping; shooting or playing in the snow with. There wont be as many jokes, or brotherly talks, there wont be anyone for your dad to blame for missing food but there wont be as much missing food either. You wont be there to chaperone all the swimming parties at the pool nor will there be MRSA to pass around at the pool. Just Kidding. Who will we have to set up on dates when you are gone. No wonder you will be missed!!!!
We know that there will be a lot of family things you will miss out on this year, yet words can not explain how grateful we are that you are willing to miss out on that for our freedom. Thank you so much for being you and for serving our country.
Colby, Wendy, Jacob, Caden, and Karley