Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wheat, wedding, soy, sealing, nuts, Knotts, dairy, eggs, soccer, and the school reading program!

Thes are the things that Hve kept me from blogging lately. Karley cut her left thumb a weekago Wednesday causing a trip to the ER and 5 stitches.
Karley's thumb. She wasn't seen in the ER til after 11:30 pm so by the time they actually put stitches in her she had already fallen asleep. It was until we had to change the dressin a day and a half later that she saw the stitches for the first time and freeked out.
Caden had a halloween party at schoolon Friday. That night we went to my sister and brother-n-laws cool party. That was also when we found out that Jacob is allergic to...... Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Nuts, Milk and Fish. Way to ruin Halloween turns out almost everything has one of those things in it. So for Halloween we didn't trick-or-treat long we rented a scary movie and ate popcorn instead (one of the only treats he isn't allergic to)
The boys on the log ride at Knott"s. Colby's sister Shonna got marries a few weekends ago in the LA Temple. My pictures aren't the best but it was a beautiful day and Shonna made a beautiful Bride. Karley kept calling her the princess.
Colby's family Lt-Rt back to Front: Trent, Bond, Colby, Travis (the row of look alike boys)
Taressa, Tyson, Nancy, Shonna, Kurt and Lyndsay.
Alex, Tyler and Shonna's new neice waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the temple. Shonna and her dad.
Carson, Austin, Brock and Caden Ava loved the flowers
Karley's new cousin Carson Nancy, Karley and grandma Cutin (Nancy's mom)
Dallin (my nephew) Caden and Jacob rocking on the dance floor.
Karley loved dancing especially with her dad.
Tatumn and Tyson dancing the night away.
The day before Shonna's wedding. Grandma Curtin (Colby's Grandma ) went through the temple for the first time. It was so wonderful to start the weekend family get together with this powerful amazing day. I will for ever remember this day and the feelings I felt. Frances started out being sealed to her parents. Then she was sealed to her late husband Howard Curtin. Last but certiainly not least she and Howard had three children sealed to them. The room was full of grandkids who had come to witness their parents be sealed to Grandma. I can't discribe to you the bond that flooded the room. I know that temple work is real. That it binds families together with a bond that death can not break. I was able to literaly feel that binding power and am so greatful for that special spirirtual experience.
Doesn't she make a beautiful "bride" walking out of the temple for the first time.
Nancy's brother and sister and their families at the Newport Beach Temple for this wonderful day.