Monday, February 8, 2010

Siena's Third Birthday Party

My neice Siena just had her 3rd Birthday last Saturday. So between rain storms we headed outside for a "buggy" party.
Karley and Siena eating cupcakes.
The kids collecting candy.
Siena's lady bug cake as it's limbs are being riped apart and eaten.
Drews loot of candy
Mat with his "buggy" antena.
One of the games the kids played was to inch across the floor
like an inch worm. KARLEY AND SIENA
Garrett and Mat racing.
Jacob and Caden "inching" there way to the finish line.
The whole gang. Aubrey, Jacob, Colby, Drew, Mat, Caden Staci, Karley, Grandpa Fox, Siena, Randy and Garrett.