Monday, April 26, 2010

Jacob's miracle

As many of you are aware of Jaocb has allergies-to everything. Well we went back for a retest after six months of NO: Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Nuts, Milk, and Fish and found that he only cane back positive for nuts and soy. I know to you this doesn't sound like much but to us it was wonderful news. Jacob's GI doctor wanted to then do another scope to see what changes, if any had been made to his esophagus. This time she scheduled the procedure as a surgery at the hospital. So on the 16th (ya I know it's been a few days) Jacob and I went to the hosptial so Jacob could have "surgery." He was so much more nervous this time. Probably because he knew what was coming this time. He was scheduled as the second patient of the day for our GI doc but when the first patient didn't show we got to go in. There wasn't the usual hurry and wait like always. The surgery prep nurse was so sweet and was telling us that she had been having issues for two years before she had been diagnosed with the very same thing Jacob has. Since we were bumped up I didn't get any pictures before surgery so here are a few from after surgery was over.
When surgery was over the doctor came out and didn't know what to say. Jacob had no stomach ulcers no nodules on his esphagus and all his throat and stomach looked like normal healthy tissue. Eosiniphilicesphagitis (EE) is a new diagnoses and not only is there not a set treatment plan there is also no cure. Yet Jacob doesn't have anything. I have to say that just before we went back to the doctors Cobly had given Jacob a blessing and told him that he would be able to eat whatever he wanted. I have been thinking about how EE was going to effect his life. How would Jr High and High school be when he can't eat what everyone else is eating. He cann't go to birthday parties or resturants without having to bring special food. You know kids, that would become something he would get teased about. I have also been thinking that with Jake's allergies as serious as they are he would never be able to serve a mission. A few months ago we had gone out of town and when we ran out off food for Jacob we had to travel 25 miles to a store that sold food Jacob could eat. How would he be able to be a missionary with food issues like that. Now I know this wont be a problem we have to face. I am so grateful for priesthood blessings and for the atonement. I am grateful to have a husband who honors that priesthood and could give our son such a life changing blessing. Below you will find some of the images from surgey. If you get creeped out at things like this don't look. They are pictures of Jakes esphagus and stomach taken with the camera during surgery.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Party!

Jacob Weaver, Emma Campbell, Mat Fox, Lilly Campbell, Karley Wevaer, Siena Gould (front row: lt -rt) Carson Campbell, Drew Fox, Caden Weaver Jaron Campbell and Maddie Moser (who did last the whole time)
On Sunday all the family that was still in town from my mom's b-day party got together for confrenece and Easter. Okay your right more visiting happened then watching conference but after conference we went down to the park in my parents neighborhood for an egg hunt.
The gang waiting for the the hunt to start.
On the move. What a crazy bunch of kids.
There were two areas for egg hunting. Little and big kids were in two different areas so when the big kids got close to the park they tool off to their section.
The patient little ones who don't know what their missing yet.
Egg Hunting!! Karley
Siena (my sister's)
Mat (My brother's )
Jacob and Caden hunting away for goods.
I think Drew sees something. (my brother's)
Caden and Emma(my cousin's) teaming up. Almost got Jaron(my cousin's) in the picture.
The baby of the bunch Teegan (My sisters)
Emma had to ditch the basket and go with a bag there were so many eggs.
Karley showing off her loot with Siena coming to check it out.
Jacob, Jaron and Caden doing a little taste testing.
The gang
My cousin Jen was taking pictures of all the families. After she got done she took this picture and I thought they needed one more face.
They didn't realize I had jumped in behind them and was making faces.
So when they figured it out I took off.
After getting pumped up on sugar the oldest boys had a little too much energy so Colby took them on a little nature hike. As they were in the hills taking this picture a 7.2 earthquake hit. Ya they were fine. They didn't even know it had happened.

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom's 60th Birthday!!!!So this last Saturday we surprised my mom with a party and gifts. She had no idea we had planned for her brother to come to town with several members of his family. My parents had some good friends of their come too. We met out at my older brother's house in Temecula.
Here is the Birthday Girl in her party hat. HAHA (the top of the pinata.)
There was lots of food !!!!
A pinata. Caden taking a swing.
Jake making contact. (science lesson her- How is the pinata on the ground but the candy that was inside it is still falling?) A bounce house.
And gifts. For my Mom's gift we made her a book of memories. My dad, all of my siblings, spouses, grandkids, nieces, nephews, her brother, sister and brother-in laws and her friends all shared memories of Karen and the funny story they have of her. It was so fun to tell stories and share fun memories together. Thanks everyone who was their and everyone who contributed all the great memories. She loved the book and will tresure your letters forever. Thanks Mangums and Pages for coming all this way and Thanks Nathan and Deanna for letting us use your house for the party.
Here are a few more pictures if the super fun party! I have more pictures stuck on the internal memory of my camera. We'll have to see if I can get them off. There maybe another posting of the party later.