Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trent and Travis Leave Again

Yes, Trent and Travis have left for another tour of duty.This time they are going to Afganistan. Before they left we went to say goodbye to our heros. I don't know why but this time around I was feeling very worried about Trent and Travis leaving. After must fasting, prayers, temple trips and a special experience I am feeling better. I know they are in the Lords and He will watch over them.
Trent and Travis were given "coins" for there performance during there training.
Travis and KurtTravis and Nancy
Tatumn and Karley want uncles Trent and Travis to know they will miss them and will pray for them to stay safe.
Travis, Colby, Bond, Trent ---can't tell they're brothers can you!!!!
Jacob, Travis, Brock, Austin, Trent
Karley, Tatumn, Tyler, Caden
These kids look up to and want to be just like their Uncles.
Thanks for your examples Trent and Travis. We Love You!!!
Travis, Colby, Trent and Karley
At the goodbye dinner.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What We Were Doing That Kept us From Blogging!!!

Yes, this is really an update on the blog. I promised my Aunt that I would get back to posting so here we go!!!! We had a very busy 2011! Here are some of the things that kept us from updating you on our happenings. Halloween: Drew Fox; Anakin Skywalker, Alex Fox Yoda, Caden; zombie Mat Fox; storm trooper Karley; tinkerbell Wendy; vampire We had Knott's passes that all the fox cousin's got for Christmas so we spent lots of our free time using our passes. Jacob, Caden, Drew, Mat and Karley on the Mexican Hat ride. I didn't realize that there was a sick kid on the ride until after the ride stopped. Yep, I have the picture to prove it. (If you have a weak stomach don't look at the kid leaning out of the green hat. Yummy!) The boys wanted camo decor in their new rooms so this is what both boys got. Caden's is the artic camo look and Jacob has the same look but in the traditional camo colors. Karley was going to have a pink room, until she and her cousin's Mat and Alex decided to open the paint can and finish painting the wall themselves while I wasn't around. It was mostly themselves and the floor that got painted. As a punishment for their actions Karley never got to finish painting her room. We'll see how long I can stand living with a half painted room. Colby's Grandma Curtin passes away in August so we made a quick trip to Utah for her Funeral.
Pictured: (back row) Jacob, colin, Devin (Second row) Brock , Austin (Front row) Tyler, Andrew, Mat and Carson The boys (Colby included) have taken up the hobby of paintballing and airsoft gun wars in the hills behind our house. They have hours of fun shooting each other and as you can tell they are a sight to see as they go walking up the street to the field.
Our annual Christmas Eve snow trip. Karley was one of the first down the hill and the last to leave. She loved it! We has so much fun. Before we moved I was in charge of the Landell Elementary school carnival! Yah! it was a lot of hard work, but it went really well and brought in $30,000 dollars, so I guess it was time well spent.
Jacob was a missionary in a spin off of The Wizard of Oz. This was his first Stake Roadshow.
In late June we moved! WE LOVE THE NEW HOUSE!!!
Just after school started Caden got stung by a bee while we were at the water park. He was good with removing the stinger and all but the next morning when he got up his left had (were he had been stung) was all swollen. I was a bit concerned because my brother has a life threatening reaction to bee stings. Lucky for us, Caden was fine, but we were told that he now has a much greater chance of developing the same reaction as my brother.
We spent many hour swimming this summer!! Corona is hot!!!
Cousin Daxton was born in July! Karley loves to play with the baby cousins.
pictured back row: Grandpa Weaver, Colby, Jacob Front row: Austin, Breeana, Great Grandpa Weaver and Caden. Great Grandpa Weaver never recieved his medals after serving in World War II. So Kurt tracked down the medals and while we were in Utah for a funeral (for Colby's Grandma) Trent and Travis presented Great Grandpa Weaver with the medals he should have recieved MANY years ago.
Jacob and Caden went to scout camp with the Cypress stake. One of Caden's merit badges was rowing. As part of the merit badge the boys had to learned what to do with a sinking boat. What better way then to actually sink the boat.
We had a wonderful day on the ocean with the McClure family this past May. We went sailing in the ocean and has such a good time.