Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jacob is a Deacon

Jacob just had his 12th Birthday on Saturday and on Sunday he was ordained a deacon. He was of course excited to be out of primary and for his first time in young mens his dad taught the lesson. I asked how going to YM was and he said "Great. I didn't know dad could teach good lessons." We tried to take some pictures after church and as you can see that didn't work out so well.
Why do all three of my kids hate taking pictures.
Caden, Alex(my bro. pauls kid), Jacob, Karley, Mat( paul's) and Drew (paul's). They weren't so happy either about taking pictures.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Karley's Dance Recital

Karley had her first dance recital a few weeks ago. She and her friend Whitney take the class together. She LOVES dancing and was so excited for the recital. After the recital she and her cousin Mat when and saw Santa Clause. Karley wasn't scared to dance infront of a large crowd but she was very hesitant to go anywhere near Santa.
I was standing on the side so I didn't get good pictures. Karley was so excited but had to make sure mom was still here. As we were getting ready for the recital she told me that "I get to wear makeup and them when I do my dance you bring me flowers." No wonder why she loves dancing.
Grandma Fox Karley and Mat after the recital. Mat loved watching the recital. Maybe he should take dance too (hint hint!!)
Karley's routine was called the " Dancing Bunny" since it was raining and cold that day I throught a big t-shirt over the costume but we didn't get it over the bunny tail.

Scout Hike

Last week Jacob scout trook took a hike to the Hollywood sign and then toured the griffeth Observatory. Jacob had a good time.

Weaver Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving the Weaver's had a day at the park. With all of these people no wonder we all can't just sit around the house and visit.
The family was divided into two relay teams. Then we raced around the JR High track. Here is Aunt Taressa passing the baton off to Kate to take it home for the victory.