Friday, February 27, 2009

This weeks fun

Monday Jacob turned in his science fair project. Tuesday I went on a field trip with Caden's class to a planetarium. Thursday was the pinewood derby at cub scouts. What a fun week.
Jacob at family night infront of his scienec project.
Caden, Daniel and Brian on the field trip. These are Cade's two best friends.
The science guy showing what happens to things in space with very cold temperatures.
Caden got the 3rd place trophy and Jacob got the best spotsmanship. Jacob and Cade facing off for 3rd and 4th place. They were good sports about having to compete against each other. Way to go boys.
These are the stands we made at scouts for the cars. All the boys before the race!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Science Fair Fun

Do you like how I let Karley help with the cleaning up of the science fair soda project.
We had to do a few more soda geyers to determine our winner but with all the rain that we have been having I thought we would never finish. On Saturday we got it done. To our surprise Diet A&W root beer was our winner. Diet coke and Pepsi were second and third. I am so glad the project it all over. Now we just have to take the project to school tomarrow and set it up. Woo hoo!

So You Think You Can Dance?

For a combined Ym/Yw activity last Wednesday night the youth in our ward had a So You Think You Can Dance Night. Everyone came up with a dance, if you want to call some that, before hand. Then we got together and performed them. It was so much fun and I hadn't laughed that hard in a very long time.
Top to Bottom:
Young men dancing it up, Josh Kirby and Shawn, Laurel's shaking their thing, all who performed that evening, Kirby and Shawn's break dancing, Megan's raping,
Young mens presidency's chicken fat dance, Jazz hands from the priest's,
Bishoprics YMCA, Kendall and Mckenna's tap number,
Alyssa's hip shaking polynesian dance, Our three judges and the parents who came to watch.
I didn't get any pictures of the cute beehive snake charmer hand dance or the young women's presidency's I'm to sexy pj dance and we had one number were a few of the member's got sick,but all in all we had several great dance number and some VERY FUN ones too.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why Do I Have To Learn The Hard Way?!?

A week ago Tuesday we had a family get together. I had an uncle and aunt visiting from Colorado and it was my niece's birthday so we all got together. Before dinner all the kids played with bubbles in the backyard. Jacob was feeling fine. After we started eating we started to talk about how Jake choked and had to have the hymlick about a year earlier. Just then Jacob ran into the house and started throwing up in the bathroom. Jacob isn't the best thrower upper, it's more like spitting up. So I was a little annoyed with him. (I know what a horrible mother.) He didn't eat anything else that night but continued to play just not at his normal vitality. The next morning he told me he didn't feel good, his stomach really hurt, and he didn't think he should go to school because he would throw up whenever he ate. Well I made him drink some juice and sent him to school. (Yes, once again horrible.) I honestly thought he was trying to get attention or get out of going to school. Well as I was leaving the gym the health clerk at school called to tell me Jake was in the office. She had taken his temp. and he didn't have a fever. While we were on the phone she asked what he had had for breakfast. She decided he must just be hungry since he hadn't eaten anything. She gave him an apple and sent him back to class. By the time I got home from the gym and had jumped into the shower I had missed the call back from the nurse that Jake had tried to eat the apple and had run out of the classroom to throw it up. Needless to say I went and picked him up from school. By the time I got him home he was starting to feel weak and was a little pale. So at that point I started taking him seriously. (I know how stupid I am.) I called the doctor's office and talked to a nurse. After ruling our food poisoning and the flu she decided he needed to be seen by a doctor but our pediatrion was not avaiable. She found another doctor at a different office that could she him later that day. I took him to the appointment by this time he is throwing up almost nonstop and was really getting weak and pale. Well the doctor comes in to see him and tells me it is the flu-its going around. (I know I have been dumb in the last several hours but I know this isn't the flu) She perscribes some medicine to help him stop thowing up. Annoyed that the doctor doesn't believe me Jake and I start to leave. We only make it back out to the waiting room before Jake can't walk anymore and had to lay down on the couch. Another nurse came out to get her patient and see Jake and comes to ask if we have been seen because she will take us in right now and get a doctor if we need it. That is how bad Jake looks at this point-AS WHITE AS A GHOST, VERY WEAK ,BUT NO BLUE LIPS AND STILL BREATHING. Long story short we get the medicine he "needs" and start walking to the car. Jacob is still throwing up all the while. We get back in the car. I handed the bowl to Jake and went to get into my side of the car so I could drive home. Jacob started vomiting this time with a lot of force and before we made it out of the parking lot finally throw up the meat into the bowl. Yes it took me 25 hour to figure out that I should have just done the hymlic and gotten the stuck food out myself. Sorry Jake. At least I was in good company 2 doctors -the ped,. and my uncle a retired doctor, a fireman -(my brother) and two law enforcemen officers -Colby and another brother all didn't notice that he was choking for real.
He is what the rest of us were doing as Jake is choking in the bathroom. Siena blowing out the candles (with a little help from cousin Mat)
Cousin Drew showing Siena how her dress ups work.
Siena opening up gifts. I know there's some red eye but you can still get the picture of how excited we were to open the presents.