Sunday, June 28, 2009

Field Day Fun!!!

On the last day of school (June 26th) our school had a field day with so many fun games. Her are a few pictures of the games.Caden and Viki ready for a side shuffle relay.
Caden during the base run competition
Jacob during the base run competition
This is how Karely kept cool during the day.
Jacob and Jin during the rescue relay race.
Jacob Danny and JR after the rescue relay.
Caden during the carpet hop. You had to hop only on the two carpet across the field. So your partner had to move the carpets so that there was something for you to hop onto.

Karley's play dates

For a while now I have been watching a little boys in our ward named Andrew once a week. His dad is in the US Coast Guard Researves and has been deployed for the passed 9 months. Andrew's dad is coming home this week. We are so grateful for his service to our country and am happy to say that he is returning safe and sound but this also means that these play dates are coming to a close. What started out as a service to someone who was doing for my family and country something that I was not able to do for myself turned into such a blessing for us. (Amazing how that seems to happen, when we take the time to serve we end us blessed beyond what we gave.) Karley has loved the play dates she has become such a social kids, has learned to share and play with others. Last week since it was such a warn day we went to the beach. We went to Huntington Harbor. It is perfect for toddlers. There is everything they could want: a park, shells, small small waves, boats coming and going, yet the right amount of water that they have fun. Karley and Andrew playing on the swings.
Karley had her first almost slumber party. She and cousin Mat who came over last week had a fun day. By that evening it was time to get wind down so they made a fort in Karley's pop-up play house in Karley's room. Aunt Johanna got back before they had fallen asleep by within minutes of Mat's leaving Karley was out. Johanna said Mat was the same way. I love how much fun my kids have with their cousins.

Colby's company party

Colby's company had a party at Knott's Berry Farm. We had so much fun that we decided to get a pass to the park so that we could go back often. Our boys like Knotts' roller coasters better than Disneyland. I am sure that this will keep us busy all summer long. Karley, Caden and Jacob while on the stagecoach ride. (Knott's original ride)
Jacob and Caden on Ghost Rider. This is their favorite ride(why I don't know, it's a little jerky) Like their mom, they like all the roller coasters.
All three monkey's playing in a wagon at the company BBQ picnic.
This was Karley first time at Knott's and she was a little nervous to ride the rides but warmed up to it pretty quickly. She loves camp Snoopy and the shows with the snoopy characters.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Place Teams

Both Jacob and Caden's teams took firts place for their division in baseball. The boys were so excited to get their trophies. We didn't get to stay the whole time but the boys loved the ceremony. Jacob after getting his trophy. Caden running in to get his trophy.

Jacob's Victory Celebration

Jacob's baseball season is over and Jacob's team took first place. Was to go Jake. After his game we celebrated with stake for dinner. Once again Jacob choked and had a repeat for the his previous chokings so we took him to his doctor who has refered him to a GI specialist. We'll have to see how that goes.
Last huddle of the Minor A Dimond-Back's
Jacob at bat. Ever time I try to take a picture of Jacob at bat I take the picture during a bad pitch that Jacob doesn't swing at. This warm up swing was as good as my pictures get.

Karley in the ER

I know this is a little after the fact but I am trying to up date this blog so that I can look back on all the events and I can't leave Karley's first ER trip out. A few weeks ago I was over at the boys school helping out. When I got home Colby was still at the church playing basketball, or so I thought. During Colby's game he had left her to play on the stage. He also had left his keys on the stage so being the girl that she is she picked up the keys and started to play with them. She found an outlet on the stage and put the keys into the whole. Colby thought someone had taken a picture because there was a flash of light but them Karley strated to cry. He ran over to her to find her on the floor and the keys still in the outlet. She had a burn mark on her hand. Colby called the ask a nurse hotline and was told that becasue there were visable burn marks and becasue the shock had casued her to wet herself she needed to be checked out. To make a long story short she was fine but it took 6 hours in the ER to decide that. Kalrey and Colby waiting in the ER Room
A children's social worker came to see what see could do. She brought Karley a Mickey Mouse and some stickers. We spent a lot of time putting round stcikers on Mickey Mouses tummy. Then when it was time for her to get stickers put on her tummy and have her heart monitored Karley sat still and did great.
More stickers on Mickey Mouse. It was a good practice for us to see how Karley does hospitals. Karley has had an umbilical hernia since birth. If it has not healed by two and a half (September) then she will be scheduled for a sergical repair.

Youth Conference

This year for youth conference our stake played "the Game of Life." Here are a few pictures from that game. Youth conference was on the same weekend as my kids school carnival so I didn't get to participate in all of it but what I did go to was so much fun. Here are a few pictures of conference. I didn't take a single picture of my kidsa at the school carnival. I was incharge of the food for the carnival so I never stopped long enough to take a picture, but the carnival was sooo much fun. This was a few of the snack shops the kids could spend ther money on during the game of life. All of the food venues were named after member's of the stake presidency. There was also a Willie Wynder's chocolate shop. (Bill Wynder is our stake pres. )
The booths in the back all had carnival games in them and the weights were all used for weight lifting contest. You could get lots of money for winning.
This was the temple that was built on the stage. Basicly most of the cultural hall was taken up by "worldly stuff while the classrooms had things like the mtc, church, etc. At the end of the game all the prizes, money and things that the kids had colleted were taken from then at "judgement day"and put in the trash. They were then handed passes and put into there kingdom according to how many of the "blessing cards" each kid had earned. It was such a reminder to me of how much the "worldly" stuff isn't going to matter in the end. All of the "stuff" that we collect isn't going with us into the next life. I didn't get a chance to take pictures during the actually game just during the set up. I was in the church handing out blessing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cousin Party

My oldest brother and his family came to visit. Really my brother had a gaming convention here in So Cal. so the family came too and made a vacation out of it. We had so much fun spending time with them. Karley made friends with Derek and Blake and still talks about them giving her money (a nickel.) While they were here we went to the Long Beach Aquarium. Karley particulary liked these fish because see could see Dori from the Disney move Nemo swimming in the tank. She couldn't seem to find a Nemo in the tank and decided he must be hiding.
At the Aquarium there is a bird house. Derek was a great bird feeder,even when this bird finished all the nector and went after Derek's finger.
Look at all these cute kids. I used to think Karley would get lonely with out a sibling her age. Then I added up all the cousins she had that are within two years of her and she has 9 kids to play with and most live within 30 minutes of our house. Now I don't feel so bad. Somehow cousins seen to be better then sibling. Yes Karley is sporting the no shirt thing. She thought she was one of the boys. So when she went diving into the water and got all wet she wanted her shirt off too just like the boys. We went to the tide pools at the beach but I don't think the kids even made it over to the tide pools they all got stopped at this stream that lead to the ocen and never ventured any further.
There are most of the cousins that went to the beach with us. Jacob wouldn't be in the picture (he was mad) and Brandon and Katelyn aren't in it either.
From Lt to Rt
Mat (jumping) Drew, Karley(look's like she still thinks she is one of the boys) Caden, Derek and Blake.
All the boys decided to build a damb in the stream. Even Colby got in on the building.
I just love this pictures of Karley and Brandon, but it doesn't do justice to how cute it was to see these kids playing together.
Karley and Mat running to the beach.

More baseball!!!!

Yes, we are still in our baseball season. I can't wait til it's over. Don't get me wrong I love watching a little leauge game but this has been going on since The end of January. I have to say that both Jacob and Caden have done really well this season. They haven't played baseball since t-ball and both have had some great plays and and hard hits. Caden usually plays short stop and Jacob center field. Yet in the last few week both have tried pitching and have done very well. I didn't have my camera with me to get pictures of Jacob's pitching but here is one of Caden's.This is Caden's RANGER'S team
I thought this was so cute of the team.
This season Caden:
Hit 6 home runs
and one grand slam home run
made two double and one triple play
played short stop, second baseman,center field and pitcher
had tons of RBI'S and was one great chanter while sitting in the dug out. Jacob's regular season isn't over yet. When it is we'll post his stats.
This is Jacob's 4th grade project he had to do a report on a Gold Rush Mining Town. We were going to make the mountai higher but as you can see the weight of the hill already started to bind the board.