Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break is here!

Our spring break has already started but has been so full of activities already. Saturday was The start of the baseball season and so far the boys are loving it.
With five baseball games in a week Karley is getting a lot of swinging time at the park next to the baseball field.
This is how Karley passes the time while her brothers are playing baseball.
(You know you have been watching too much baseball when a two year old is playing babies and tells them to " bringm in boys!!")
On Monday I took the kids to get there pictures taken. As a reward for "such a hard job" and for good report cards, we went to chuck-e-cheese for lunch. I didn't think Karley was going to spend many of the tokens that we had, boy was I wrong! She rode Bob the Builder and Barney rides for at least fifteen minutes straight. She would even steal her brothers' tokens and quick put them into the machine before they could get them back.
For Scout this week we had a bike rodeo pack meeting. The boys had a great time riding.
On Friday, since we had no baseball games we went to the LA Zoo. It was a beautiful day. LT to RT: Grandma Fox, Mat, Karley, Siena, and Drew all looking at an alligator.
Jacob, Caden and Caden's best friend Brian looking at the gariffe.
Lt to Rt Front row: Amy, Cody, Ryan and Mat Back row: Drew, Siena, Jacob, Caden, Brian and Karely We had to get a picture of all the kids just as we were leaving the zoo!!
Jacob and Caden are both on undefeated baseball teams and on Saturday they both faced there biggest compatition. Both did great! Jacob made a great slide in to up his teams score. If it weren't for the fact the pitcher didn't have the ball Jake would have been out.
Caden hit a homerun in this game. Way to go dude!!!! Both boys are still undefeated!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

11 years ago!!!!

It was eleven years ago this weekend that Colby and I got married. It has been the most wonderful eleven years. Yes, it has had its trials but it has had its share of good times too. I am so grateful that I married such a wonderful man who I love so much!!!!
At my bridal shower we played a game where Colby had to answer questions (before the shower) and I had to guess what his answers were. Here are a few of the questions and his answers.
Colby's Quiz Of True Love!
1 When did you first meet Wendy and where? Raintree apartments (Provo Ut) April 1997
2Would you describe your first kiss as Tutti-Frutti...Rocky Road...or Vanilla? Rocky Road.
3What was your most romantic date? KFC (whatever- maybe for him)
4Why do you love Wendy? She is all I ever wanted..... she is a good cook....and she drives good.(I didn't know my driving was the thing that got him hooked)
5 What were Wendy's words when you proposed? "she didn't say nothing she just help her mouth open."

Friday, March 13, 2009

Karley Had A Birthday

It has been two years! Here are a few pictures during the last two years. What a bald beauty.
Thanks for all the memories Karley we love having you in our family.