Friday, August 29, 2008

I just have to say Happy Birthday to all my family with August Birthdays!!!!! Jessica August 7th Tatumn August 12th Michelle August 18th Mat August 19th Tyler August 20th Nathan August 21st Brock August 23rd Dad, Randy and Ava August 28th Dallin August 30th Hope you all have a great birthday!! We love you all so much.

First Day Of school Photos

Yes, My children started school back on Aug 6th but I am a slacker mom and forgot my Camera. A friend of Jacob's mom brought hers so she sent me theses pictures. What a bad mom I am. The first picture is of Jacob and several kids looking to see who their teacher is for this year. Danny, Niketh, Jacob and Jr waiting at the lunch table until they were allowed to go line up by their new classrooms. More pictures while they waited.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Camp Landel

Last weekend was the annual school campout. At the beginning of every year the kids get to spend the night at school camping on the playground. This is probably my children's favorite part of the school year. They are always excited for this event. This year we arrived late but brought several of Colby's brother Bond's kids with us. They were unable to stay all night because Grandpa was taking them back to Henderson,NV early the next morning. Despite all the happening going on all over the play ground. Several of Jacob's friends and his cousin Devin had a video game battle in the tent.They had some connector cable that would let them battle each other.They didn't play video games all night. Dispite all the enteresting activities the PTA has my boys favorite thing to do is play chase between the hundreds of tents all over the field. After the cousins got second place in the scavenger hunt it was time for the Grandma to take them back to her house so they could leave in the morning. Geneivieve, Austin and Karley chilin in front of the tent Karley loved the music and dancing. the best. This was the first year she got to spent the night. Yes, it was a little too much for her to sleep in a crib while everyone else was sleeping on the ground infront of her so she climbed out of the crib and slept with the rest of the family. Brock, Caden and Austin drinking hot chocolate while they were waiting for the results of the scavenger hunt. This was the last picture of the gang taken before the cousin left with Grandma Weaver.(Can you tell Caden was not happy to see them go.) I am so grateful that my children know so many of there cousins and get to spend so much time with them. It is great they they are such good friends.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

More of Caden's baptism/b- day

I got some more pictures I thought I should post. I love this picture of Caden as he waits for everyone to take there seats at his baptism. This is another pictuires of the gang just before the baptism was to start. I would like to say thanks to all the family and friends who came to support Caden, we really felt your love abd support. Mom and Dad with Caden after the baptism and confirmation. After the bapstim was all over we went to grandma Weaver's pool for a party. The kids and adults had a great time together eating pizza and playing in the pool.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What A Weekend

On 8/9/08 Caden entered the waters of baptism and became the newest member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. We are so proud of him and the choices he has made that brought him to this day. We are grateful to all our family and friends that traveled to be with us on this special day. Caden's baptism was on Saturday afternoon. after the baptism we went to the pool and had a birthday party or Caden and his cousin Brock. (After the baptism I put my camera in the diaper bag and couldn't figure out were I put the diaper bag. So I don't have pictures of the party.) I'll have to beg my family to give me copies of their pictures. Then on Sunday Bond Weaver's kids, Tyson Weaver's son (Colby's brothers) Jacob andCaden all sang a song in sacrament meeting. What a great weekend we all had. Caden getting ready for his baptism. He was so excited. So handsome all in White. On Sunday after church the kids had to go over to the park by grandma's house to get out some energy.
What a cute niece I have. 7mth old Natalia. Hnaging out at Grandpa's house This is the only Picture I got at the birthday party. Just as we were leaving the pool I found my camera in my parents car. So I made the cousins who were about to get out of the pool pose for one picture. This is the gang who sung so beautiful. Thanks you guys you really did a great job.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Caden's Getting Baptized

Out of Twelve pictures I took today before Church this was the closest thing I could get to a good picture of Caden. He is getting baptized this Saturday. We are so proud of him and want him to know we love him so much.