Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh, What do you do in the Summer Time? Part 1

This summer we went on a trip to Washington D.C.
The trip their was a little crazy. We left from LAX at 8 am. So we got to the airport around 6:30 am. My parents and Colby's parent met us at the airport. People thought it as a little crazy that both set of grandparents were going on the same trip but it was fun. We took off and got to Vegas with no problems (Vegas was our layover.) We thought we were going to have to hurry to get on the next plain but that was not the case. As we were arriving the flight crew pointed out Air Force One (ya the President's plain.) We got off the plain and headed to the next gate only to find that the flight was delayed. The bathroom on that plain had flooded. (Yuck can't imagine cleaning up that mess.) It wasn't a big deal to hang out in the Vegas airport for an hour because Devin, my nephew, and Kurt's brother and his wife (uncle Kimball and Aunt Janet) were joining us at that point. Finally an announcement can on telling us that we were going to be taking a diffrent plain to D.C. so the gate number was changing. We started gathering our stuff to go to another gate when the attendent came back on and told everyone to run to the other gate or we would be stuck in the airport for another hour. See the President was ready to go home and when his plain takes off from a public airport the rest of the flights and the runways are shut down for 40 minutes. Everyone took off in a hurry and we all got on the plain, but all the luggage was still on the other plain and no one was allowed to go get it for 40 minutes. So we sat waiting to take off. Finally they got the bags to the right plain and we got to take off. I wasn't to long into our flight (about an hour I believe we were somewhere over Utah) When the flight attendent came on and asked if there were any doctors or nurses on our flight. (Ya, that's never a good question.) Long story short... We made an emergency "heavy landing" in Denver and the ambulance met us on the run way taking the man having a heart attack off the plain. I was thinking great the man is off the and on his way to the hospital so lets be on our way too. But that was not the case. When you make an emergency landing with a plain full of jet fuel it can cause damage to the plain to land it. So we got to hang out in the Denver airport-correction on the plain at the gate for about two more hours while they checked everything out and gave us the okay to leave. Needless to say our 8 hours of traveling took us much much longer then that. We didn't even get to out resort until 2am. But we were on vacation and ready for a good time. I am happy to say the rest of the trip as well as the return flight was great.
Our resort was in the Shannandowa Mountains. There were deer every where! This guy came to the back porch and wanted our BBQ. Karley thought it was great to feed him letuce. Just before we spotted him. The boys had seem another animal go by and wanted to go after it. Karely went to get her shoes to go with them but they had felt her. I didn't realize she took off to find them. It was only a few minutes later that she returned mad that she had been left but telling us that "Bambie" had come to her when she was crying outside. I didn't think much of it-ya right a deer came to her but after I watched this deer come up to get food with no fear I have to say I don't think she was making it up that the deer came up to her. This was the pull out bed that the boys partied on every night of the trip. Karley out in the clearing where the deer would gather.
Uncle Kimball couldn't contain his excitment and had to do a dance around the condo.
Look how many people fit in this bath tub. There was one of these bathtub's in the upstairs and the downstairs front bathrooms. (8 people around the tub) Karley thought it was a miniture swimming pool.