Sunday, May 23, 2010

Landell Carnival

Karley on the "big slide." This last weekend was the Landell School Carnival. The kids had a great time running wild throughout the school playing games. There was a video game truck, and min golf course, giant slide and an inflatable obsticale course, a train, and lots of carnival booth games not to mention lots and lots of yummy carnival food and fun cake walks. There was a auction and a talent show at the carnival as well. Karley tried cotton candy for the first time and hated it. Good thing Teegan (her almost 1year old cousin) liked it. Caden was a great helper. He and I got there at 7:30 in the morning to set up the carnival and we didn't leave til after 7pm that night. Karley got to play with her cousin's Siena and Teegan. She was so excited to play with them.
I tried to get a picture with all three girls looking up at the camera at once but out of 5 tries these were as close as I got. Notice that Siena and Karley have "crazy painted hair" one of the game booth attractions.
More carnival pictures
Booth games at the carnival.
Over all it was a LONG but fun day.

Little Olympics

This year is the last year that the little olympics will be happening due to budget cuts in the school district. This is a very sad thing because when Jacob's dad was in elementary school he got to participate in the same little olympic competions. The Little Olympics is a competion with all the elementary schools in the school district. There are several events that 4-6 graders can compete in.
Jacob waiting for his events.
This is Caden and his friend Brian. They spent the whole night playing games in the stands.
Jacob on the field getting ready for the long jump. Just after this picture the battery in our camera went out. Sorry no jumping pictures.