Saturday, October 3, 2009

Karley's Hernia Repair.

Yesterday Karley had here Epigastric hernia repaired. I wasn't nervious about it until the night before at about midnight. Then I couldn't sleep. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. Karley was so calm. Probaly because she had no idea what surgery is. The nurses were great with her. Just before she left the preop area they gave her drugs that were to calm her down and help her fall asleep even before she was actually put out. Trouble was it had the opposite effect on her. She got really silly jumping around the crib they had her in. She tossed her stuffed animals out of bed and was incredibly outgoing with every doctor or nurse that walked by. She never got sleepy so the doctor just picked her up and told her to wave good bye to mom which she did. They then walked into surgery. This is Teddy Bear that her Grandpa Weaver gave her that served as a flying saucer just before surgery.
This is how Karley looked after surgery for the next hour and 20 min. She was breathing well so the nurse was not to alarmed but it took quite a while for Karley to wake up. I guess the meds from before surgery had finally kicked in. Just Kidding. We had to stay at the hospital until she would wake up enough to drink and that took another 3 hours. While Karley was still asleep I took a picture of her tommy. She didn't even discover the bandages until later that day when she had to go potty, but never complained about the pain. By the next morning she was running around again so I took her to her brother's soccer games and she ran around the schools and played on the playground like there was nothing wrong with her.
What was I worried about the night before surgery. The whole prcedure never even phased her. I am just glad it is all over with and that it wasn't a big enough deal that it scared her for life. I think she actually liked the idea of surgery. To her it ment sleep, lots of toys and visits from family.