Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Resent Vacation

This is what the roads looked like in Utah, it was freezing!
i We went to Red Rock Canyon with Jacenta and her kids. It was a fun day!
Devin, Jacob, Caden, Brock, Austin, and Jenavive decided to go hiking!
Karley and Natalia decided to do a little hiking of their own!
Colby taught the cousins how to climb steep mountain walls! Rule # 1. Never try to sit up while climbing (Karley obviously ignored this part of the instruction)!
While in Las Vegas we went to the Mack King Comedy and Magic Show. During the show Mack King said that he wanted a couple of kids to come on the stage with him. Everybody pointed to Jacob and Caden. When Mack King approached our table to invite Caden and Jacob to the stage, they both hid under our table. It did not work and they both went on the stage!
Jacob, Caden, and Karley spent hours in this game room at the Wyndom resort playing video games!
This is Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Max Weaver at their 70th Wedding Anniversery in Orem Utah.
Caden, ice skating in Park City Utah!
Jacob wanted Colby to go ice skating but he said he had a hurt shoulder! The real reason, it was 12 degrees outside and he did not want to get shown up!
Jacob and Caden practicing for the 2020 Olympics!
Karley wanted to ice-skate also!
After a few hours of performing ice-skating tricks she wanted to rest up inside!
Colby took us to the Davis County Cemetary in Kaysville Utah. He showed us where our relatives are buried. The Grave-sites included the Weavers who immigrated from England and all those who passed away a couple of generations later! Colby served part of his mission in Kaysville four-teen years ago. The apartment in which he stayed at was only a mile away from the cemetary! We then went to Layton, Utah, and visited with Harris Adams. He was Colby's land-lord when he served part of his Mission in Layton, in the summer of 1994. Harris still remembered Colby after all these years! Colby's Grand-father, Max Weaver, grew up in Layton. Harris Adams and Max Weaver were neighbors. This was colby's apartment in layton Utah ( 2000 Antelope Drive) . Harris Adams house was just to the right of it. Colby's grandfather Max said that he used to visit friends at this house when he was a kid in the 1920's. Colby's Great Uncle Donald Weaver lives just down the street from Colby's apartment. Colby said that Donald and his wife Gene always had him over for dinner while he was there. Jacob and Caden over looking the Saltlake temple!
This is in the lobby of the Joseph Smith building in Salt Lake City.
Our Family over-looking the temple!
This is At the Darrel Mangum home inLas Vegas Nevada. Can you believe all that snow!
More of Uncle Darrel's home in Vegas!
Snow in the mojave desert! We were lucky to get home because for a couple of days all the passes going to Caifornia were closed!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Okay, I know I haven't posted in quite a while. I thought that after November 4th everything would calm down but life is still busy. I was released as the Primary choristor and called to be the First Councelor in the Young Womens. I still am the bear cub scout den mother as well. So between those two calling, helping out at school and soccer practices life is crazy. (Just the way it should be!!! HAHA) November has passed by so I thought I would give a highlight of the month. Jacob's 4th Grade class recently went on a field trip to Newport Beach's Back Bay. It was a fun field trip the kids got to birs watch, learn about Native American artifacts, and the bay's ecosystem. As the children would cross the main street (picture above) they had to march.
A group of 4th graders bird watching.
4th graders learning about the estuary plant life.
Jacob loved when his naturalist showed the kids the talins of a hawk. He let them feel how sharp they are. Thanksgiving Week was spent with the Weaver family. The night before Thanksgiving my neices had a slumber party at my house. In the morning I had to make some jello salads. While I was cooking they were making up dances to Grandma got run over by a raindeer. (I remember those days of getting together with cousins and making up dances and then performing them at a talent show.) Karley watched the girls dance a even joined in a few times. Then my neices asked if I had anything they could make costumes out of. I told them I had some old dance costumes in my garage. They fit the girls great. The funniest part was that Karley wanted to know where her "pretties" were. I got out here Halloween costume so she could join in. Well after the jello was set we headed over to my in-laws house where all the girls performed. After the girls did a dance the boys wanted to copy Karley's bounce up and down dance so they took the girl's costumes and did their own dance. It was pretty funny.
Brock, Breeana, Geneieve, Lyndsay,
Tyler, Caden, Tatumn( hidden by Ava's head- sorry this was the best shot I got) Alex and Karley after the talent show at Grandma Weaver's
Boys doing their dance Tyler, Caden Brock and Alex Sorry I was the DJ so most of my shots were from the back.
Girl's singing a Chirstmas song.
Karley doing her solo performace while the big girls had a costume change.
All the little girls playing with uncle Travis. They loved to bounce on his knees My nephew Andrew turned 4 this month so my family went to the Long Beach Aquarium. I thought my boys were going to get board but they had a great time showing the littler ones all around the aquarium. (Both my boys have been there on school field trips so they thought they knew everything about the place.)
Long Beach Aquarium-- Drews 4th Birthday Party!! Jacob and Drew looking at a seal swimming under water. We were in a glass tunnel so you could watch and see how the seals swim. After touching the sharks and rays the kids went into the bird area and got to feed the birds some nector. We didn't get any pictures of Jacob feeding the birds because the bird Jacob tried to feed grabbed the cup, drank the nector-while still holding the cup and then tossed the cup on the ground. I wish I had gotten a video clip of it but I didn't.
Caden feeding the birds
Paul feeding the birds
Karley and Siena looking at the fish. I deleted the pictures of the aquarium from my camera by accident while I was on the field trip with Jacob's class. So I used Staci's pictures. I had a cute one of all the kids in front of this awsome tank but it is gone now!! So this will have to do. Sorry no pictures of the rest of the kids at the aquarium.
I know that I havn't been keeping up with blogging, but I still read your bloggs every week. Thanks for sharing all the happenings of your life with me. I love keeping in touch with family and friends even if it is mostly through blogging.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Fun

Since Halloween Karley has wanted to wear this duck towel everyday. I don't know if it's the "dressing up" of Halloween or our new love of animals that has sparked this costume choice.
Our Ward Trunk-or Treat party was on Nov. 1st the day after Halloween so between grandma party, regular Halloween and a party the next night we had LOTS of "treating." At our ward party the kids got to play games in different rooms in the building. One of the games was to toss a ball into a cup and win a goldfish. So we now own 2 Goldfish. That was all I could handle. I don't do pets. I have a hard enough time cleaning up after three kids I don't need to add to the work load. I did agree however to give the goldfish a try and can I tell you we have unleashed a monster. Not from Jacob or Caden who so far take good care of their fish. (I am sure the novelty will wear off soon.) Karley I have recently discovered has a animal oppsession. The girl is crazy about animals. Just this week our family went out to eat at Claimjumper. The night was going well until Karley discovered that hanging on the wall were two animal heads. One moose and one deer. As soon as she saw them she wanted to "touch it." Until this point I have to say that she has never thrown a tantrumn but that night all _ _ _ _broke loose and the worst tantrum I have seen was unleashed. Needless to say we left the resturant without finishing our meal.
Caden and his new Goldfish Spike. Yes I gave in to a pet.
Caden, Jacob and Karley on Halloween. I think my boys were more excited about the weapons then theye were about their costumes
What is it with boys and Video games.
Karely our little tap dancer. After three Halloween parties she know exactly what to do for trick-or treating.
Jacob, Mat, Karley,Caden and Drew before Trick-or-treating. Johanna and I took the kids around the neighborhood while Paul and Colby stayed at the house to scare the kids. Mat and Karley didn't last long but Jake, Drew and Caden walked until Drew couldn't walk any more and had to be carried the rest of the way home. (One whole house.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Party

Last weekend while I was out on PCH holding signs in support of prop 8 my kids were at grandma and grandpa's house. Since grandma's Halloween party was that night we decided to stay at grandma's and go to the party. Mat and Drew my brothers kids went too. They had a chilli cookoff (yum yum) and then the kids played games, went to the mad science lab to feel intestines-gummy worms, brains-liver, and eyeballs- pealed grapes and enjoyed the haunted house. Oh ya and they did that thing at the end where kids gather candy. Ya that wasn't all that exciting. No my boys didn't run from car to car as fast as they could to get candy. Karley really wasn't that into the candy but the decoratings at each of the cars she never enev noticed the candy so we game up on it and just walked from car to car looking at the "Halloweeeen." Drew-a power ranger, Mat- spiderman, Caden-the grim reaper w/o his mask just the face paint we had left over from last year, Jacob a dark night and Karley a tap dancer.
Cute kids on the grass infront of the church.
Karley and Drew waiting to go in. We got there early because grandpa had some computers that had been donated that needed to be hooked up in the family research room. So keeping the kids out of the set up proved to be a little challenging.
This had nothing to do with the Halloween party but I thought it was funny. Caden decided to dress his sister up (since she likes to play dress up) but he made her a tomboy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Family Weekend Photos

Deanna sent me these pictures and since I was a slacker and din't take many that weekend I thought I would post a few of hers. Deanna with Derek and Blake (Brents Boys)
Nathtan with Dereck and Blake. It's that so sweet!
My Brother Nathan with Brandon (Brent's son)
Nathan with Drew, Derek, Blake, Caden and Jake with Siena petting the dog.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fox Family Weekend

Last weekend my oldest brother and his family came down from Utah. It had been soo long since we had all been together. It was good for my kids to get to know there cousins and have fun together. They went to LEGO land on Thurdsday. Disneyland on Friday. Jacob and Caden soccer game and the beach on Saturday and church and the park on Sunday. With All that fun the only thing I took pictures of was the beach party. Some of the kids jumping off the jettie wall at corona del mar. Lt to RT Mat, Jake,Blake,Derek, Caden in the air covering up DrewWith Karley on the sand tring to figure out how to get in on the action.
Sorry you are going to have to turn your head. Katelyn on the beach.
Can you believe that in mid October these crazy boys went into the ocean. It was soooo cold but it never seemed to bother them.
near to far Drew Derek and Caden playing in the water
What cute kids playing on the beach. If you want to see more of the fun weekend check out brent and Amy or Staci and Randy's blogs.