Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More reunion pics

I know I never finished posting about the family reunion in Cedar City. Here are a few random pictures from the trip. If you are really interested in what we did you can look at the weaver family blog to see lots more photos. Click on the weaver family link at the side. Colby got to catch the kids at the bottom as they came down the slide
Even Karley went the 4 miles up the trail to the water fall.
After the fun run we checked out the Vietnam memorial that Kurt has a plaque at.
Jacob on the 5k run.
On the way home we stopped at Zions and did more hiking.
Tatumn and Karley enjoying a soda at the reunion.

Friday, August 14, 2009

School started/ Last Cousin Party

Caden started 4th Grade this week ! Daniel and Cade waiting for school to start.
Jake and Danny now in Fifth grade.
Last week as a end of year cousin party Jacob, Caden and two cousin's Devin and Tyler went to Knott's Berry Farm! Devin and Jacob are in the last car on Ghost rider.
Karley entertaining herself while the big boys were on the rollercoaster's.
Caden, Tyler, Karley, Jacob and Devin waiting to watch the Wild West Stunt Show.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weaver Family Reunion Friday

This past weekend we traveled to Cedar City for an extended Weaver Family reunion. Since Colby, Karley and I left early Friday morning we took our time traveling to Utah. We had sent the boys up a day earlier to go fishing with their cousins. (I'll have to steal pictures from someone or the fishing trip.) With nothing we had to get to right away we decided to stop in Silver reif (just outside of St. George) since that area is were my great grandmother and her family grew up. After we toured around we got back in the car and drove to Cedar City were we meet at aunt Janet and Uncle Kimballs house for the Friday night Talent show. When we arrived at Aunt Janets house Trent started wresting with the nephews. That had to come to a quick end (see picture 3 for the reason why) so all the kids played pickle. Pickle with 20 kids running back and forth is pretty funny. I didn't get good pictures of the talent show. It started to get dark and with the house lights on in the back ground all I got were shadows and light spots. (I'll have to snag pictures of the talent show too.) We had paino playing, singing, break dancing, synchranized swimming, a speach and a little belly bumping.
1] Karley in Silver Reif collecting rocks
2] Silver Reif Utah
3] Devin's bloody nose from wresting
4]Uncle Tyson trying to get Devin out during pickle
5] kids running during the pickle game. Uncle Trent on the ground trying to get the ball
6] Karley wont let poor Ginger be. she had to chase the dog around.