Friday, July 2, 2010

Finally an Update

A few weeks ago my older brother came down from Utah with his family. We have several days of fun together but for most of it I never got out my camera. (Ya we were having that much fun.) One day we have an "unbirthday" since 5 or the 12 kids have birthdays in July and 2 more have them just before or just after we thought a birthday celebration would be in order. But how would seven of the twelve get presents without it being a big deal. So we picked a day that was no ones birthday and all the kids got 1 present from a cousin. The California cousins are used to birthday parties together but it isn't very often that they get to go or have a Utah cousin come to one of theirs. We had a pool party at my other older brother's house out in Temecula.
Jacob playing in the pool
Ya this made for a great splashing bucket.
Some of the crazy boys decided to through the inflatable jumper into the pool and float around in it. Jacob (out of the jumper) Caden, Drew (wearing goggles) and Blake or at least the back of his head.
Drew Caden and Jacob jumping into the pool.
The Boys---Mat, Jacob holding Alex, Caden, Brandon, Derek, Blake and Drew. The boy cousins out number the girls 2 to 1.
More of the Boyz!!!!
We also played with a parachute. The younger ones loved it and the older ones pretended to love it.
More parachute playing.
The best part was to get under the parachute as it was coming down.
Each kids had to bring a present for one cousin. The kids thought this was the best.
More carzy boys on the water trampoline. Ya the water trampoline stayed out of the pool and serevd as the jumper since the real jumper had already been thrown in the pool.
After cake and ice cream it was upstairs to Uncle Nathan's music room for a "jam session"
Everyone took turns playing and giving a performace.
Jacob and Caden both had been working on big projects at school. I am sooo glad school is out for a while.
Jacob's was his state report on Kansas. He had to write a 20 page research paper on the state. and make a "float" really a shoe box covered in paper.
Caden's was a historical landmark of California report. Caden chose to do the report on The Presidio of San Diego.
Caden had to build the the fort and write a report.
This is the kitchen in the presidio that Caden made. After we were done with our projects we went to the coolest pet store in Fountain Valley.
I didn't take pictures, but Caden did take one of this two headed snake.