Friday, February 22, 2008

Last night Uncle Nathan can to scouts to teach the boys how to be ready for emergencies. Then the boys got to try on a turnout suit (the yellow firefighter outfit) The boys were suprised to find out how heavy the suits are. All the boys had a great time. Thanks again Uncle Nathan your the best!!Caden and Uncle Nathan
Jacob dressed and read for action
"Man these pants are harder to put on then I thought"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On President's Day Colby's twin brother's, another brother's son and our family went on a wonderful hike to Switer Falls in the Angeles National Forest. We had so much fun on the trip. We left in the morning and arrived in time to have a picnic lunch before we started out on our jurney. The boys (not just the little ones) had a great time exploring the mountains. We had a few tree branch sword fights, threw a million rocks in the stream, brought a few home in our pockets, saw one squirrel and a few fish, and wadded in the stream. It was a perfect day for a hike and it was so much fun to be together as a family. Trent Black shirt , Travis Red sweat shirt, Colby with Karley on his back (notice the token girl in the picture) Caden, Jacob and nephew Tyler on our hike to Switer Falls
What an excited group of people.
At the falls
Karley loved the hike. (maybe because she was on dad back most of the time.) She really loves to be outside.
See we don't need video games we can make our own fun!!
Oh, yes we stopped many times to throw rocks in the water. What is it about boys and rock? To them all rocks must be thrown in the water. If you look closely you can see the indention in the rock on the other side of the stream. The boys challenged each other to see who could get their rock in the whole first.
Jake taking a nap after a 4 mile hike.
I thought I would add this picture from last week (ok two weekends ago) I'm not so good at keeping this current.
Siena's 1st Birthday
Siena, Mat, Andrew, Jacob, Karley

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Young Authors Tea

This year Caden was one of three second grade students chosen to read his creative writing stories at an "Authors Tea" tonight. He was very excited since his brother Jacob had this same opportunity last year when Jacob was in second grade. Jacob was a little upset that mom was going to the tea this year. Last year the Tea was on March 8th (the day his younger sister was born- Lets just say mom was a little busy) Caden however was very excited to have mom there to listen to his story about his two dinosaur friends Brian and Daniel ( his real best friend's names.) It was a cute story about how he keeps the dinosaurs at his house and plays with them. They eat sushi and worms and go to school with him. We are so proud of our GREAT YOUNG AUTHOR!
We got trouble on our hands!
Last Monday Caden was in charge of the refreshment for Family Home Evening. He wanted to make sugar cookies and decorate them with Valentine sprinkes. After making the cookies we ended up with extra frosting. For the next two days Caden would sneek in to the fridge and get a finger full. Well on one such occasion he almost got caught when I came walking into the room. He quickly put the frosting on a shelf (without the lid on it) grabed a orange and closed the door as he walked away. Little did he know that the door had not shut all the way. Karley had been watching him and wanted her share of the frosting. I start making dinner while she goes over to the fridge. I swear it was only three or four second before I discovered what she was up too and look at the the mess she had made in that time. If she can already figure out how to get in to the chocolate, we are are going to be in big trouble.

Here is Caden reading a portion of his story at the Tea.