Saturday, July 19, 2008

What we've been doing

I know I haven't been keeping up with the happenings. The last two weeks have been a little crazy. The kids and I all got sick. I know it's the summer no one is supposed to get the flu. The next week we went to big bear and when I came back I had some computer problems I am sure one of the kids screwed up the computer. Caden turned 8, that is right 8 years old on JULY 14TH. He is getting baptized Aug 9th and will have a party then. We had to do something fun on the B-day so he choose to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. It was just us and cousin Tyler. The place wasn't too crouded so the kids had fun.The motion in this picture behind Karley is Jacob. In the next picture Jacob jumped off right as I took the picture so sorry there is no proof he was there. Caden and Tyler making faces at Karley who was sitting on my lap. I think this was her favorite part of C-E-C. She couldn't stop laughing at the boys Here are a few pictures of our weekend in Big Bear. We had sp much fun. We went on the Alpine slides, to the zoo, the lake and the movies that weekend.
This is Colby and the kids at the lake. While we were at the lake it started to get overcast and by the time we left it was pouring. Aren't these boys cute. What attitude. This was a nice walk we took after the rain. The lake was so beautiful. On the 4th of July Colby, Karley and I went with my parents and two of my sibbling to a joint forces training base to watch fireworks. The kids got to sit in a variety of army cars, tanks and helicoptors. There is the gang waiting for the fireworks. Drew loved looking at the fireworks up close.
The kids enjoying the party. You don't know the energy it took to get all these crazy kids to hold still long enough for the picture.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Family Reunion

Fiday June 27th -Monday June 30 The Mangum's and Fox's had a family reunion. Thanks to all those who came and for all the work everyone did to make it such a fun time for all. We are so lucky to have a family that enjoys each other and are able to get together. I am so grateful for my family and my extened family and the example they set for me and my children. We are so sad that Brent & Amy, Nathan & Deanna, and Jessica & Kevin were unable to be there. WE MISSED ALL OF YOU!!! This is just a little of what we did: Friday morning was monkeying around at the zoo. When 35 people show up to the zoo and think they are going to walk together you know it will be a sight. Of course we all had so much fun. The kids looked at all the animals. (Yes, we went around almost the entire LA Zoo. Several hours of walking.) Then the kids wanted to play at the park in the zoo.
Friday night the rest of the gang arrived so we had a giant pizza party,played games, and had a talent show. We have an amazing family full of talent. We had singing, dancing, piano playing, a skit, and a melodrama. I must say that the acting was academy award worthy. After the talent show we played "who wants to be a millioniare" but the questions were all about the family at the party.
Colby playing pool and no he is not hitting Clint in the head in this shot but it sure looks like it.
Some eating while other are visiting before the talent show and "millianiare" game was played
We spent Saturday at the very fun Balboa Beach. We had two locations. One by water and another up near the fire pit. Everyone went back and forth from the water to the food. The day was filled: enjoying the sun or hiding in the shade. (This was our location by the water. Whoever sat here was on kid watch duty.) Randy in the sand, Paul just above him, Staci and Siennain the chairs and on the other side of the shade shannon and I think it is Jody holding Ammon (Shannon's son) Playing in the water - Emma, Andrew and Annie
Jumpn in the waves Jacob with cousin Jaron Boogie boarding- Michelle (I must say that there was a lot of boogie boarding and even a few wipeouts, thanks for the laughs everyone or should I say Ryan.) And of course making castles in the sand. Grandpa Mangum w/ Ammon while Jesse works on the castle.
Dinner was make over the campfire. (Caden and Andrew cooking their hot dogs.) Grandpa Fox teaching the kids how to make s'mores. Caden to the right.
As the night drew to a close the littlest ones just couldn't hang. Asleep under the three towels are three kids: Red and Pink Sienna, Blue and white blanket Lily (my cousin's) and Mat under Light and darker blue towel.
Sunday morning we all went to my parents ward for church. After singing in sacrament meeting we went outside for a family picture. This is all we could get! Not even the grown ups could hold still.
Sunday evening everyone went to Staci's house for a slide show and game night. The kids were entertained mostly by the park. Take a look at Sienna and Karley in the center swing (Good thing they were small enough to share. Drew and Mat Paul's boys are the other two swinging Paul and my dad Russ are pushing. On Monday while most parents were packing up to go home the kids had a pool party at our house. I tried to get all the kids to jump into the pool at the same time and because my camera has a delay I never got a good shot of it. This was as close as I got.

Jacob's school play

June 28th Jacob had a school play "ANNIE" Jacob was the buttler. He did a great job we are so proud of him Jacob welcoming Annie to Mr. Warbuck's Jacob singing I think I am gonna like it here. With the other performers at the end of the play.