Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trent and Travis Leave Again

Yes, Trent and Travis have left for another tour of duty.This time they are going to Afganistan. Before they left we went to say goodbye to our heros. I don't know why but this time around I was feeling very worried about Trent and Travis leaving. After must fasting, prayers, temple trips and a special experience I am feeling better. I know they are in the Lords and He will watch over them.
Trent and Travis were given "coins" for there performance during there training.
Travis and KurtTravis and Nancy
Tatumn and Karley want uncles Trent and Travis to know they will miss them and will pray for them to stay safe.
Travis, Colby, Bond, Trent ---can't tell they're brothers can you!!!!
Jacob, Travis, Brock, Austin, Trent
Karley, Tatumn, Tyler, Caden
These kids look up to and want to be just like their Uncles.
Thanks for your examples Trent and Travis. We Love You!!!
Travis, Colby, Trent and Karley
At the goodbye dinner.

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